Bookworms dating bookstores date date

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After each set, meet up in the comfy couch area where you will take turns sharing what you found for your challenges.

From taking you on bookstore dates to building you all the bookshelves your heart — and library — could ever need, your favorite book boyfriend’s got nothing on your real-life love.

While it may seem like the girl with a book clutched in her hand and a pencil behind her ear is unapproachable, mysterious or maybe even aloof, she secretly just may be a hopeless romantic with a lust for turning her life into something out of a storybook.

When you date the girl who reads, you date the girl who’s learned about different cultures, traveled through time, solved murder mysteries and so much more—when you find this girl, she will prove to you time and time again the many reasons why you should always date the girl who reads.

Women who read are above fighting -- they would rather have logical discussion that leads to respectful discourse.

She won’t dismiss your ideas completely, instead she’ll compile a well-thought out list of reasons why you’re wrong.

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