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– You will be asked to sign an Authorization / Acknowledgement form when you receive this Notice of Privacy Practices.

If you did not sign such a form or need a copy of the one you signed, please contact our Privacy Officer.

If at this facility, your primary caretaker / doctor is unavailable to assist you (i.e.

if after we provide services to you, you revoke your authorization / acknowledgement in order to prevent us billing or collecting for those services, your revocation will have no effect because we relied on your authorization/ acknowledgement to provide services before you revoked it).Federal HIPAA Omnibus Rule and state law provide penalties for covered entities, business associates, and their subcontractors and records owners, respectively that misuse or improperly disclose PHI.Starting April 14, 2003, HIPAA requires us to provide you with the Notice of our legal duties and the privacy practices we are required to follow when you first come into our office for health-care services.Business Associates and other third parties (if any) that receive your PHI from us will be prohibited from re-disclosing it unless required to do so by law or you give prior express written consent to the re-disclosure.Nothing in our Business Associate agreement will allow our Business Associate to violate this re-disclosure prohibition.

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