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Then I noticed how he would speak to the servers and cab drivers; everything was on his terms. He had almost charmed me into believing that he was respecting me, so close!

That brought me back to the realization that money can’t buy class, and a good man treats everyone he meets with equal respect no matter their profession.

Just as things heated up, he received a job opportunity in Chicago.

Fast forward to his departure, a tearful goodbye at the subway stop in Brooklyn and the confusion of “what we would be” still lingering in the air.

He took me to all the hip fancy restaurants and always gave the server his card before I could catch him.

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Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way: Don’t be fooled by their charm and nonchalant attitudes, men who insist they are "chill" and "laid-back" can be tough nuts to crack.That's the thing about mysterious types—they usually only appeal to you. We all tell little white lies when we’re first wooing a man. My white lie was so convincing that I had even begun to believe it was true—I was the perfect little camper!We “love nature”; baseball games are so sporty and fun; I love cheap beer! That is until we set up camp in the middle of a swarm of blood-thirsty horse flies.I like to think that each person I’ve dated has led me on the path towards my “one true love," which is of course a positive spin on the reality that most of these dummies had no clue how to treat a girlfriend, and possessed the fabulous talent of continuously letting me down.Starting with my very first camp boyfriend who held my hand and almost kissed me beside the lake but got too scared so he dumped me instead, to the financial analyst who took me to fancy dinners but took longer to blow dry and gel his hair than I did, these men have simultaneously made me lose my mind while teaching me how to possess a balanced, adult loving relationship.

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