Expiration dating of prepackaged medications

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There are many different versions of the multi-med packaging available to residential homes.

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The Food and Drugs Regulations (FDR) require prepackaged products with a durable life (definition) of 90 days or less to be labelled with date markings and storage instructions (where applicable) [B.01.007, The above flexibility for food packed at retail reflects the intent of the "packaged on" date requirement, which is to give retailers an alternative, but equally effective, method to express the "best before" date on foods the retailer may not have manufactured.

A repackager is engaged in the repackaging of drugs (see also is one who is contracted by original drug manufacturers to package or repackage their product into a single- or multi-unit container chosen by the manufacturer.

These containers should meet all the applicable requirements in this chapter, pertinent sections in general test chapters refers to a container–closure system that yields the same, or better, moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), oxygen transmission, and light transmission as the original market container.

Genoa, a Qo L Healthcare Company's Convenient Adherence Packaging is a color-coded multi-medication adherence packaging system that we developed in 2008, specifically for individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness.

Today you may notice that several other companies have adopted our system, which shows that our innovative thinking has truly paved the way for pharmacies striving to increase medication adherence.

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