Gay dating salt lake city

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If you’re like me you’ll spend a lot of time going to house parties or playing games at a friends’ house or going to straight bars in large groups.

But if the bar scene isn’t really your thing anyways, no big deal. don’t expect to feel tipsy after only a couple drinks here.

Although the dominant culture is still fairly conservative, white, Mormon, and middle-class, this creates a really interesting counter-culture.

One thing that excites me about living in Salt Lake is that there’s still something to fight for here as a queer and it feels meaningful just to be “out and proud” and visible.

You kind of have to know someone to know what’s going on in the queer women’s and trans community here and where the queer women and trans people are.

I think “The Advocate’s” evaluation of SLC as the “gayest city” is based on the gay male community, but not really the lesbian, queer, or trans community.

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However, I think the struggles that queers have faced create a more tight knit community.

In my opinion we have some of the best access to some of the most diverse natural areas in the nation.

Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Zion, and Bryce Canyon are also all within about 4 hours of Salt Lake City.

The first question people usually ask upon hearing I’m from Utah: “Are you Mormon? The culture in Salt Lake is unique because most queer people I know that are from here have had the influence of Mormonism somewhere in their lives.

This might be because they were raised Mormon and are no longer practicing or one side of their family is Mormon or they have had a lover who is having trouble disengaging from the Mormon church.

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