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- S Beverly Hillbillies: Granny stops trying to persuade Elly May to marry a movie star and decides to advise piain Jane Hathaway instead. - 2 Wednesday Showcase: "The Titan" The life and times of Michelangelo as it carries the master through papal and princely intrigues.

(Color) 7, 11 - Movie: "Ski Party," starring Franlrie Aval'on, Dwayne Hickman, Deborah Walley and Yvonne Craig.

thi - re." I tion: but not without a degree of would rather not discuss it," he n - nue. Hoi fax said his immi Hial C ' Five and a half ears aeo. 1 was oia i was unenw Hits were in - rvannrate for a: we established the m isters pro SEE historical ex - terpls from your favorite KQED and NET programs Teller Pauling Debate James Bardwir Pablo Cosal: Eric Hoffer Duke Ellington Dovid Suiski - nd Alan Walts - F'onk Baxter Vines Guaraldi Laura Webrir Msi Torme Bob Dylan the KGED Auction 4 Wide Wonderful World: An absorbing story of ar elephant hunt in Rhodesia, i Color!

' could still provide some bene - st;idin at his home Laler.

Only Mondays were open until the latest announcement. the new Monday night series of films will be seen from 9 to 11 p.m. And one of the key factors that encouraged i VBC - TV's decision to go ahead was the surprising success of original two - hour films made by Universal Studios to fill the gap created by the increasing shortage o motion pictures. Tuesday, ihe ratings potency of these films "have exceeded all nur expectations." And, as with other so - called movie nights, the Monday attractions, in addition to motion pictures and two - hour originals, will include "some long - form television series' prototypes, and some specials in the longer two - hour form." Tnps In Popularity The network added.

36 Thriller Movie: "Death Pays In Dollars" starring GENERAL ELECTA IC SPf0H UM I Kitchen Aid. A mad doctor steals a death rav inven tion and proceeds in his plan to conquer the world. CBS - TV on Thursdays and Fridays, and ABC - TV on Wednesdays and Sundays.

- 4 News (Color) 12 Noon - 2 Abbott and Coste Uo 4 Let's Make a Deal color) 5 Noon News (Colon 7, 11 Treasure Isle (Coloc) - ) P. - 2 Laurel and Hardy 4 Days of Our Lives i Color) 5 As The World Turns (Color) 7, 11 Treasure Isle (Color) - 1 P. Armv officer who thinks he - has killed a man while hunt 0PEH Fmt Ut EVENINGS ing, gets further embroiled F0S f JWLT !

Thus; in lifllp mfirp than half a decade, network TV LOG mnvip5 havp nvnorp Ksprl frnm a mere start to the DOint s M S Love is a Many Splendored 5 He and She: A "wanted" poster with a description similar to handyman Andrew's sppearance convinces Oscar that Andrew is indeed a burglar. 2 Leave It tn Beaver: After failing to make the baseball team. i News (Color) 5 News (Color) 7 Movie: "Snowfire,"' starring Don M e g o w a n. The stars play their namesakes in this delightful tongue - in - cheek children's fantasy. 11 Mike Douglas Show (Color) 36 - You Asked (or It. 4 Match Game (Colorl 7, 11 Dream Girl (Color) - P.

Fill Last Day At present, there are six motion pictures weekly in network television prime time. 11 Dark Shadows (Color) 36 World of Women Our Service and Reputation Are Our Greatest Asset.

- 2 News (Color) 4 Jeoparriv (Colorl 5 - Love of Life (Color) 7, II Temptation (Color) - A. - 5 News (Color) 7, 11 Children's Doctor C5.v . enc You Kr OG fr,) KFOG Wjsic wllh &OC Mfrlsdn KUFY - Musc Urllmit Kl.

Kf Cil Italian P - oq - sm with Flda Fill DPClll Kri M () Sporty Br - lfrf M 12;251 The '. Step up to H' ON - Oesi - s - i nws - Bcb Hsr..

tie ex tins been m tne ac - ' THE GOOD OLD DAYS' - (end Some of The Bnd) felt more like ao exting' - i Lsnefl Iperience had brnuph; many itlnnicnl ;;nc remain? I didn't realize how i "this year f was noli - pleasant memonrs. was i member since assuming presi - nroobetic that would be." :fied thai 1 was being relieved of; jnm easy tn reach, il i?

Well - j known personalities who have appeared on the station will reappear.

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