Hu ge and ariel lin dating Sexemail chat

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This post is a few days late but the last celebrity dating news of 2014 arrived courtesy of C-ent and one of my soft spot fave C-actors.

After a week of intense media scrutiny and totally contradictory weibo updates, C-actor Hu Ge confirmed right before the end of the year that he’s dating newbie C-actress Maggie Jiang.

Ariel got the ball rolling when she suggested putting Hu Ge under a lie detector test. ” Hu Ge confidently rebutted, to which Ariel said: “But didn’t you act as Guo Jing, who is bad at lying too?

”When Hu Ge named Ariel as his favourite co-worker and actress, Ariel pretended to be disappointed with his reply and said, “Guo Jing never lies in Huang Rong’s presence, but after so many years, he has become The Pretender”.

Lin Xiao, 28 is the former schoolmate of Cecilia Liu at the Beijing Dancing Academy.

Her father owns several businesses in the property, food and beverage and hotel industry.

The next day, Hu Ge entered into the same hotel room which Lin Xiao was staying.

At her engagement ceremony, more than 50 guests were her celebrities friends.

When I asked if she was getting married, she then said yes.” Taiwanese director, Arthur Chu also came and represented Joe to present a cheque of “131,400”, which signifies a lifetime for the couple.

He said, “The bridegroom is a combination of Da Ren Ge (Chen Bolin’s character in ) and Jiang Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng’s character in It Started with a Kiss).

His agency has come out in support of his going public with Maggie despite the public not feeling this relationship between an established star and a very new-face young actress whose only big role was as the second female lead in the movie.

I’m happy for Hu Ge to date whomever he wants but feel wistful at the end of an era now that both Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge are publicly dating.

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