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In 1208 Innocent's papal legate Pierre de Castelnau was murdered while returning to Rome after excommunicating Count Raymond VI of Toulouse, who, in his view, was too lenient with the Cathars.The origins of the Cathars' beliefs are unclear, but most theories agree they came from the Byzantine Empire, mostly by the trade routes and spread from the First Bulgarian Empire to the Netherlands.Billboard 200 chart, selling 1,005,545 copies in its first week.movement that thrived in some areas of Southern Europe, particularly northern Italy and what is now southern France, between the 12th and 14th centuries.

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The beliefs are believed to have been brought from Persia or the Byzantine Empire.As regards his life and conduct, he cheats no one, pushes ahead of no one, does violence to no one.Moreover, his cheeks are pale with fasting; he does not eat the bread of idleness; he labours with his hands and thus makes his living.I have plenty of extra gear for yourself excluding a going to sleep bag.Multiple folks are welcome too, but would have to have a covering.

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