New rules for dating via facebook validating xml

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E-mail Rule of thumb: Don't e-mail a romantic interest unless he gave you his address directly.Yeah, nowadays you can find pretty much anyone's addy via Google and some highly tuned stalking skills, but that doesn't mean it's cool to invade that sacred sphere.Now let's say the future "His" to your "Hers" hands you a slip of paper with his address scrawled on it and tells you to hit up his inbox.Putting aside the archaic e-mail address (don't worry, you can change him), keep your exchange to the minimum: "Wanna meet at Trash Bar at 11 p.m. " "Sure, sounds like a plan." "Cool, see you there. Bring fake blood." Then refrain from adding to the e-mail chain, even though you just saw the most adorable puppy during your lunch break and he totally needs to hear about it.Our source says: We'd be fine if Facebook wanted to ban all dating apps for whatever reason.

So even though the dude who makes your heart drool all over itself has his @ address on his Facebook profile, refrain from copy-pasting.Editor's note: Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz are the sarcastic brains behind humor blog and soon-to-be-book Stuff Hipsters Hate.When they're not trolling Brooklyn for new material, Ehrlich works as a news editor at, and Bartz holds the same position at Psychology Today.Just shoot the object of your affection a message suggesting a hangout.A recent study by Oxygen Media and Lightspeed Research showed that one-third of women 18 to 34 check Facebook the moment they wake up (we're guessing dudes are equally obsessive), so there's an excellent chance your soon-to-be love will see your charming missive about that sick croquet tourney before s/he's even brushed those pearly whites.

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