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“Either having control so that they can access it, format their specific device, or not turning that feature on at all and using it from you home network or your business network,” Drew said.

In Free or Public chat, you normally will be visible by anyone who comes to the site, whether they have an account or are just visiting as a guest.

Drew said the problem centers around the use of default passwords.

“When they take the device out of the box and they connect it to the network, it has the same username and password that every other device like it also has,” Drew said.

It provides access to feeds to offices, restaurants, schools, recreation centers, front lawns, backyards and perhaps most alarming, inside of homes."You walking around your home naked, saying things which are inappropriate, and then contacting you and extorting you for money and threatening to release the photos out on the internet." He said the same applies for commercial spaces. The bad guys are going to be using that data to look for anything incriminating against the business," Drew said.To stop creeps and crooks from tapping into a surveillance camera feed, there are two simple steps to follow: Use a strong password for the device and be wary of making the surveillance cam feed accessible over the internet.On most sites, the member that initiates the private show with you will be the only one who can chat with you, but other "voyeurs" may watch the video portion of it, also paying a lesser pay-per-minute rate.Some sites allow a model to start a private show on their own while some require a member to request a show.

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