Soul dating to soul mating erodating ru

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He lights up if you say: "I could really use your advice on something."HE'S RIGHT FOR YOU IF......

You want your boyfriend to be a supportive, steadfast partner who shares your sensible approach to life and is smart enough to get your sometimes quirky side without judging....

What he seeks in a soul mate: The ultimate people person bonds best with an ever-evolving woman who can match his lust for new experiences.

He craves independence yet still needs to know he's important to you, so being secure enough to show you care is a must.

He lights up if you say: "Is there anything you can't make happen? You want your boyfriend to be the classic male archetype — a protective, take-charge dude who doesn't yap about his feelings but lets his guard down when alone with you....SYNCING UPHis favorite dates: This class clown loves being around new people — think karaoke night or a charity casino event.He's also thrilled by new accomplishments, like scaling a rock wall at the gym.You're turned on by unpredictable, exciting plans....You deal with problems in a casual, nonconfrontational way. Conflict Avoidance hates when you're unhappy with him and will deflect attention unless you tackle the issue.

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