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He needs an operation to save it, but suspects he will lose his sight for the good of his family.

Instead, he spends his days walking the streets, and in this sorting warehouse in the Lebanese capital At the same time, the risk of sexual harassment and violence is high, with fathers, in particular, claiming they are marrying their daughters to protect them from harassment by men in the camps or urban neighbourhoods.

Hurriyah - who would only be in her first year of secondary school in the UK - is terrified, claiming she would rather return to Syria and live ‘with the bombs’ than in Lebanon and be forced into marriage.

Survival sex involving young girls is one extreme end of the crisis over the exploitation of children that has seen international aid agencies make tackling the shocking increase child labour among Syrian refugee families a priority for 2016.

‘Families are desperate and ready to do whatever it takes to survive,’ a senior Western aid official in the Lebanese capital Beirut said.

‘Women or girls are undertaking a temporary marriage in return for money or sponsorship such as a visa agreement or residency…they deal with the consequences later.‘Some are aware it is just for a few days, some are forced in to it by their families while others are left shattered because they believed it was a real marriage - and perhaps pregnant.

She attends school but her father is worried because she has become the subject of gossip after a 17-year-old boy began following and harassing her.

Hurriyah’s father is now saying he will marry her to the boy imminently as there is no other way to protect her – Lebanese police are unable to help as they have no power over Syrian refugees.

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It is these ‘economic realities’, aid workers say, that has fuelled the increase in child labour, making the issue a priority for the United Nations Refugee Agency in its latest funding appeal.Vulnerable, desperate and trapped in spiralling debt as the Syrian conflict drags into another year, women are being forced or sold in to prostitution while in the most disturbing and extreme cases, girls have undergone so-called ‘marriages for pleasure’ that last just days.Aid workers say these ‘marriages’ are a sham, the groom making a payment or dowry – a sum that is traditionally paid in Muslim society to guarantee a bride’s security – effectively in return for sex with a young bride, who is probably unaware she could be divorced or abandoned in days.The 12-year-old's father claims he has little choice but to marry a her to a 17-year-old boy to protect her.She says she would rather return to the bombs of Syria Aid officials say the sad reality is that as with the pleasure marriages, families feel they have little choice but to send children as young as six to work.

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