Who is mark zuckerberg dating

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Priscilla Chan is a blushing new bride AND med school grad this week, reports TMZ.Chan married longtime beau, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, today at their Palo Alto, Calif. The pair, who've been dating for about nine years, said vows in front of close friends and family members.Zuckerberg made the greater part of his fortune from his 14 percent stock on Facebook.Zuckerberg claims 5 million in properties and land, incorporating 700 sections of land in Hawaii, a few homes in Palo Alto, and a townhouse in San Francisco. When the company maximizes profits it increases the overall value of their stock holdings which is where the executive’s true wealth comes from. His religious beliefs have dragged through the rumor mill several times over the years that he has converted to Islam.He created the social networking site along with friends Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew Mc Collum, and Dustin Moskovitz.He began working in a new office on his site in Palo Alto, California.Facebook had to give as settlement 1.2 million shares and a payout of million in real money.

Various claims took after and the case was settled on June 25, 2008.

A film called The Social Network was released on October 1, 2010.

It is based on Zuckerberg and the founding years of Facebook.

Later on, he enrolled with ‘Mercy College’, to pursue a course in software programming.

Due to his awesome performance during high school, he earned an admission to Harvard University with major in psychology and computer science.

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