Widows dating

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Even before I came to Utah, they had spoken (which he neglected to mention to me), as she reached out to him to speak at the conference she was putting together.

Turns out, their phone conversations were about more than just conference talk, or widow talk.

It was not my intention to cut it off like that, but as I wrote, I realized the grieving post needed to be separated from the dating post.

Not just that it would be a SUUUPER long post, but I thought the sentiments needed their own space.

He had a few widower friends he’d spoken with that admitted they felt a bit depressed being alone, and never wanted to go out alone, and he just didn’t feel that way.

He wanted to go out and enjoy life, despite the fact that his wife of 40 years was no longer by his side.

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A widows’ dating life is under quite a bit of scrutiny.

For my dad, so much of his decision relied heavily on the support of us kids…almost to a fault.

It seems that there was a connection even before an introduction.

She organized several conferences for widows in Idaho in the 3 years since she had been a widow herself.

Almost that entire first year after my mom had passed away, my dad wasn’t dating, he didn’t feel the need to remarry.

From what I’ve heard, widowers (men) are more prone to remarry from loneliness, but my dad said over and over that he was ok to be alone.

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