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But, once she was on set and in character, she was absolutely enthralling.” PACKED TO THE RAFTERS: Erik says - “That was a big scene – Melissa’s [Zoe Ventoura] death. It was just Hugh [Sheridan, aka Ben] and I, and it was just really beautiful. I was glad I was given the scene, because Rebecca Gibney got a lot of those scenes.I think I got the scene because it was really a father-and-son moment of having to just let it all out.” NOW ADD HONEY, 2015: Erik says - “My character was a wet kind of cheater. I met [writer/star] Robyn Butler and [director] Wayne Hope at the Logies. So, it’s not surprising that Erik has bumped into some huge stars in his time.“I can do a bit of name-dropping,” Erik laughs.PACIFIC DRIVE: Erik says - “That was my first job in Australia. It was over 20 years ago and I didn’t know either of them.Using many tropes from old sci-fi B-movies, but with a larger budget and better effects, it is also told in a nonlinear style where flashbacks to the characters' pasts are sprinkled throughout the main action. The series revolves around Detective Gary Hyde (Nable), whose best friend is killed in a seemingly random attack.

Yes, Harvey Keitel is starring in a Lifetime movie — that’s what we’ve come to.An emergency room physician, husband Gabe was allegedly spotted clutching and releasing his wife before ascending to the surface alone.Another diver then recovered the body and attempted to resuscitate her as the husband watched on from another boat.It wasn't until I was older and working in the industry, having down-time and wondering what else I'd be good at."I got to a stage a couple of years ago when I thought, dance is just not challenging me any more." The character she plays in Kick, her first major role, is twentysomething Miki Mavros, an exuberant and energetic tearaway who aspires to be a performer.

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